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Don Johnson

I have been a serious amateur photographer since the mid-1980s. I first learned the basic elements of photographic design, composition, and equipment taking a photography course while in college, back in the “dark ages” when everything was done manually and film was the only way to produce an image. After graduation in 1971, I pursued other important activities such as career building and raising a family, but I always maintained an avid interest in photography.

In the mid-1980’s, I returned to the hobby of photography on a more serious basis. My wife reignited my interest in the activity after giving me a new camera one year for the holidays. Much to her chagrin, this stimulated further photography equipment purchases, but also inspired me to produce better images.

Over the years, I have had a number of my photographs published. In February 1997, Popular Photography, billed as “the world’s largest imaging magazine,” selected one of my photographs for their “Your Best Shot” column. I have also produced cover photographs for The AOPA Pilot magazine and Ballooning: The Journal of the Ballooning Federation of America. I also had three of my images published in the fall 2006 issue of Nature’s Best magazine, one of which appeared on the cover of the issue. Another photograph in the issue was selected as the top “Zoo and Aquarium” photograph of the year. The winning “Zoo and Aquarium” image, along with another image from the publication, were displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History between November 2006 and October 2007. I have also been published in Zoogoer, a publication for the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ). I have appeared a number of times in Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine, a publication devoted to educating users of this excellent computer software program, my primary digital editing software.

Over the years, I have won a number of awards in various local photography competitions and have had a number of my images displayed in various locations in the DC area. I have also won numerous awards at, an online photography community that receives upwards of 15,000 photo submissions a month for their monthly photo contest. I am also very proud of the fact that I have sold a number of my photographs to people I don’t even know!

I am a past President of the Gaithersburg Camera Club in Gaithersburg, Maryland and a former President of the Frederick Camera Clique, a photography club located in Frederick Maryland. In addition to maintaining my active membership in these two clubs, I am also a current member of the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) Photography Club in Washington, D.C. I have spoken at most of the photo clubs in the DC area, suburban Maryland, and northern Virginia.

I use Nikon equipment and I am currently exploring the world of digital photography with a Nikon D610 digital camera. I love to travel and always take my camera when I go. I especially enjoy taking photographs of zoo animals, flowers, sunsets/sunrises, famous places, and producing digital artwork using my images and a computer. For me, photography is a life long hobby — one that I plan on enjoying until I can no longer push the shutter release button.

I am retired from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, an organization located in Arlington, Virginia, as the Association’s Director of Market Research. I also worked for many years at the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

My family seems to think that most of my money goes to fund my photography “addiction,” but that is not really true — or at least I think it’s not really true. Lately, I’m afraid to check.

I live in Gaithersburg Maryland with my wife. I have three grown children.


National Bird by Don Johnson


Impatien Flower by Don Johnson


Snow Leopart in Monochrome by Don Johnson


Flagpole Abstract by Don Johnson


Lion Stare by Don Johnson


Wet Flower-Abutilon by Don Johnson


Red Panda by Don Johnson


Snow Leopard by Don Johnson


Lion Eyes by Don Johnson


So Regal by Don Johnson


Abstract-Bubbles by Don Johnson


Purple Cockscomb by Don Johnson


Profile of a Zinnia by Don Johnson


Bubble Abstract by Don Johnson


Good Boy by Don Johnson


Mexican Door by Don Johnson


Eastern Shore Wildlife by Don Johnson


I'm So Tired by Don Johnson


Another Regal Pose by Don Johnson


Looking Up by Don Johnson


Two Lions by Don Johnson


Monarch by Don Johnson


Eastern Shore Pier by Don Johnson


Panda Stare by Don Johnson


Zinnia-Side View by Don Johnson


Zinnia-White by Don Johnson


Backward Panda by Don Johnson


Tiger Portrait by Don Johnson


Tiger in Water by Don Johnson


Zinnia in Profile by Don Johnson


Wonderful Water Lily by Don Johnson


Red-Orange Zinnia by Don Johnson


Pink Hibiscus-Inside by Don Johnson


Eastern Shore Sunset by Don Johnson


Down the Lane by Don Johnson


Blackeyed Susans by Don Johnson


Green Heron by Don Johnson


Passion Flower and Bug by Don Johnson


Beautiful Sunset by Don Johnson


Eastern Shore Sunrise in Black and White by Don Johnson


Sunflower in a Field by Don Johnson


Full Bloom by Don Johnson


Sunflower Back by Don Johnson


Another Sunflower Macro by Don Johnson


Three Dogwood Blossoms by Don Johnson


Black and White Monocacy Tree by Don Johnson


Keep Quiet by Don Johnson


Inside a Red Hibiscus by Don Johnson